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Ex survivor of child abuse trauma.

Review about the Liberation Program, run by Abdel Mussa, from Tranquil and Cherished :

I gained a tonne of wisdom. I went from very scared and unsure to feeling like I can handle things. It was exactly what I needed.

I’ve done so much work with different counsellors and different folks along the way over the last several years, and it’s been difficult.

But the way that Abdel Mussa handles the trauma piece and the polarities and wanting to go two ways, at the same time, how he handles that makes, makes a lot of sense, and it works.

So through all the course I gained a lot of a lot of things I gained more energy, way less procrastination, now I’m able to just focus on what needs to be done, when needed, what I need to do, and I kind of take care of myself for the future a lot better.

I’ve cleaned up my shop have cleaned up my yard, I’ve cleaned up my home. And this is all in six weeks, you know, in the first couple of weeks that was kind of sort of seeing some gains.

But then, as I started to catch on to how this works, and how to think about things differently, the game just started getting way, way more intense.

And yeah, and other even other things like being able to win, I struggle with something because I mean, I’m still struggling with things like happens, and it continues to happen.

Instead of dwelling on it, and not knowing what to do, I’ll make a plan and put something in place to deal with it. Or, or eliminated altogether.

If it’s a master something like that, if it’s something I can manage quickly, or within a few days, I will plan some time and set some time aside to take care of it. Once it’s done, it’s done.

And then I have to have more free space to deal with other things. It’s just this is what this course has done. And the gains the biggest gains is it’s freed up my mind to be able to figure out how to be better at life.

You know, less fighting less arguing with my wife, less arguing and anger towards my children, just less frustration and more capacity for love and understanding. I can notice things now like when my wife and children are sitting at the table eating and they’re doing so peacefully and quietly, I was able to notice that enjoy it.

So I was able to go and sit with them and enjoy eating dinner, just peacefully eating dinner without any kind of anxious discussion or tension. That’s quite something for me in our family to enjoy.

Yeah, and then another one would be getting priorities in order. Being able to prioritise my life and know which priorities go where that’s something I’ve always struggled with. And it’s something that I’m getting a real handle on.

Some situations in the past that I was, would struggle with would be setting boundaries or knowing how to stick up for myself, if somebody was a little bit aggressive with me, I might just fold and kind of hide or whatever.

Whereas now I’m more able to think through those things instead of just kind of going fuzzy and not being able to understand what’s happening in the moment I can stay in the moment and I can deal with the problems as they come up if somebody at work is excited about something or angry about a situation I can show teeth if I need to and growl doc or I can defuse the situation and move on.

I don’t sit there and think about things for days on end or, or, or what have you to try and understand what happened. I just see it as it is. Deal with it. Carry on.

Yeah, just as far as new behaviours. It’s just more calm, more peaceful. I think before I speak better boundaries, getting along with my wife and my family better like I’ve struggled with my mom and dad for a long time.

And there’s been a lot of a lot of pain in my family where I come from. And it’s been a difficult road lately with my mum and dad and I’ve really been able to heal those relationships and I can understand where I was making.

Putting too much on myself and now I’m more looking to work slowly through work first with my mom and build that relationship up until uncomfortable and then work on my dad and build that relationship until I’m comfortable and I can really mix the two together.

And, and go from there, instead of trying to bring them both into the situation. You know, get it all convoluted and mixed up, I’m separating things out and keeping it simple for myself so that I can get somewhere with it.

And they can get somewhere with it, because they all struggle with trauma, and difficult things to write. So I’m becoming the leader of this scenario, and I’m being more mature with my choices and decisions.

As far as achievements in the last six weeks, I was struggling financially with, with, with my business, I was making money, but not as much as I wanted to.

And week three, came along, and I got, I actually got a text message during the call on Sunday, to come to a job for a fellow that was going to be a long term job for about a month and a half, two months.

As a contractor, I’m a welder, and I do pressure welding. And so that came up and it’s a good job and, and it was, like good money. And that’s what I’m doing now. And yeah, coming in, and things are looking better.

And I’m more able to deal with the customer better, in a way that promotes more work in future, and things like that. So that’s something for the achievements that have happened in just six weeks. Pretty amazing.

At the beginning, before I joined, I was really really unsure I didn’t know what to expect, I was really struggling with trusting who this Abdel Mussa fellow was, and, and how this was all going to go down and what to expect and what to think. But it ended up being perfect.

You know, it was, it was kind of odd, don’t knows what he’s talking about. He’s got the stuff dialled in. And it’s simple. In a lot of ways, I wouldn’t say it’s a simple thing, like in terms of how he figured it, figured it out and how he presents it.

But he makes it simple.

In my mind, my experience was it was very, in some of the concepts are complicated. But I was I’ve been working on this stuff for a long time, I’ve been really, really working hard for about six, seven years, on trying to understand how to be better at life, and it’s been working, but the way that he deals with the trauma portion of things in the polarities, it takes your mind out of the equation, it takes that inner fight out of the equation, so you can then all those things I learned in the last six or seven years, all of a sudden, almost entered my mind.

And it all became clear. And it’s like, Whoa, I feel like I matured about 10 or 15 years, maybe went from more felt like a more of an immature young man to quite a bit more of a mature man.

And I feel more capable and confident in life. So although I was so unsure in the beginning, it ended up being better than I expected way better than I expected.

I watched all the videos and I looked at everybody’s videos and how well they did through the course and I thought you know, hard to believe until you kind of do it type of thing.

And anyway, it ended up working out great. So I couldn’t really be happier with with the money that I spent and and going forward in life.

I feel like I have some real tools to apply to, to things as as life happens, right? So that’s awesome.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it for me and I’m gonna wrap it up. Thanks

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