In 2018 I was lucky enough to find the tranquil and cherished Liberation Program, run by Abdel Mussa.

When I came across the advert for the course, it attracted me because I remember I was quite down and stressed out in a lot of my relationships.

I often felt alone in intimate moments, and would find myself wallowing in a depressed state for long periods of time.

I was also often stressed about money, my bank account coming down to 0 in the first few days despite my pay being in excess of 5 yo 7, sometimes even 10k a month.

I was extremely unhappy with my life despite having all the superficial markers of success.

None of my friends or family could help me, and that left me feeling even more alone and dejected. It’s unsurprising then that I found this course to be a God send.

It propounded being a solution to many of the problems I was experiencing. I quickly signed up because I couldn’t take the pain anymore. 3 years on, I’m glad I did.

I won’t bore you with the details, since all that really matters is the results. The goals I set for myself in this program were all met beyond my expectations.

I now have what I wanted- intimacy and real connection with my loved ones (I can be on the phone for far longer with my relatives without feeling drained, insulted or hurt).

I don’t avoid reaching out to friends and family anymore, and there is no underlying fear of rejection when I meet new people. I’m a lot more open socially.

Financially, I have savings for the first time in my life, which I never managed before but have kept up the habit for the past 2 years despite the recent economic uncertainty.

My children are also far happier and calmer. I used to have a habit of always running around with them from one activity to the next, never really stopping throughout the day so I could have them tired out by bedtime. I now enjoy most of my time at home with them. I’m grateful that by the time the stay at home orders came, I was ready for the prospect of staying home with my kids.

My long term goal for a while has been setting up a montessori classroom to homeschool my children from home. With the money I saved, i managed this and more for my kids. We went out far less as a result, and were content at home most of the time. I was able to set all this up over the course of 3 months after doing the course despite this goal pending since 2016. And I did it during the pandemic, a time of apparent economic restraint.

tranquil and cherished review
Montessori classroom for Ruby’s 3 children.

But Tranquil and Cherished’s Liberation Program taught me how to go for what I actually want and achieve it. Not only have I equipped my childrens’ classroom, I trained as a montessori instructor in early childhood through to elementary. This also was a hefty investment of my time and money, but I managed it.

Time is something I’ve also felt I haven’t wasted since the course with Abdel Mussa. I don’t spend a lot of precious time and energy arguing in my relationships. In disagreements, I am able to step back and give space instead of driving at the conflict and creating more of it.

The Tranquil and Cherished Liberation Program has brought me much peace. I rarely cry now, even though I would find myself weeping randomly for hours or in the strangest places like in the middle of a Zumba class at the gym before this course.

I’d tell myself it was because I was far from home and missed family, but I knew deep down that even back home I often found myself in tears alone with no explanation as to why I felt so sad.

This has not happened since the course.

I do get emotional, but I know when I can turn it on and off rather than it springing up on me without warning.

This again I’ve managed despite a global situation, which has brought out a lot more stress for most people. I have instead seen these past 2 years as an opportunity to be able to put all my goals into realization.

It has felt so liberating, not to be bound by circumstances but instead to be the one in the driving seat.

My third child was born after I completed this course. I was expecting whilst completing the course. My 3rd child has been the healthiest, longest gestated and heaviest baby out of the lot, with a generally far more peaceful demeanor than his siblings.

I truly believe that Tranquil and Cherished’s Liberation Program paved the way in allowing my son to have a healthier start to his life. And am eternally grateful for the opportunity.

I also trained as a doula after the completion of this course and learnt in my training g how important it is for women who have experienced sexual trauma in their past to deal with it so they can have a healthy pregnancy and birth.

I now advocate everyone who I serve as a doula to deal with their trauma so they too can have a healthy and beautiful birth experience.

Ruby S.
Mother of 3, Doula and Architect